5 Hottest Jewelry Trends Right Now

Decorate yourself!


No one likes to be boring, right? That’s why we love to complement our favorite summer outfits with great jewelry. While there are classic jewelry pieces that never go out of style, some of the jewelry trends change with the seasons – and we love to try each one of them! Here are our favorites this year.


  • Necklaces with personalized charms

First letter of your name? Your star sign? Your lucky number? Your dog’s paw? Your birthstone? Your favorite symbol? Personalized jewelry has been around for quite some time, but it seems its popularity skyrocketed in the last year with necklaces being the most loved piece. Choose the one that is most meaningful to you and let the world know a small detail about yourself. Personalized necklaces come in all shapes and sizes; they can be small and minimalist or big, shiny and bold.


  • Pearls

Look like a mermaid with pearl headband, wear chunky pearl statement necklace around your neck; combine asymmetrical pearls with silver or gold pendants or, for an especially summer-inspired look, with shell beads.


image via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/161777811604928374/

image via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/323133342023312121/


  • Colorful beaded jewelry

This one is for nostalgic souls! One of the biggest jewelry trends of 2021 transported us right back to our childhoods when we were busy making rainbow friendship bracelets out of beads. Now you can actually buy bracelets and necklaces that look almost exactly like those you made years ago with your best friend – almost every famous brand has at least one. The choice of this jewelry is huge at the moment so you won’t have any trouble finding funky pieces with star, letter or smiley beads but also more elegant ones where the beads are for example combined with gold links. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, mix beads and pearls. 


image via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/20125529574913179/


  • Multicolor chunky chains

We were all about chains ten years ago. They are back (actually, now it seems they never really left), but with a twist: the bolder colors, the better.


  • Coins

If you ever visited a museum with a jewelry collection from ancient times you probably spotted coin necklaces or bracelets that look very similar to those popular today. Coin jewelry has been around forever but is apparently not going everywhere because it is once again on the numerous lists of currently most wanted jewelry. Coin pieces come in different forms: from simple coin rings or earrings with minimalist coins to eye-catching charm coin bracelets and statement oversized neck pieces for those who love to make an entrance. There are many options available in both golds and silvers so you can pick the one that suits your skin tone.


image via https://www.forever21.com/us/1000432049061.html

image via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/719098265505934830/


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