6 tips for a better sleep

Those really do make a difference – sleep like a baby tonight!


Battling the insomnia lately? We know the feeling and it is not nice. Sometimes the days get so busy you are so much looking forward to a good night sleep, but then your sleep just does not come. Try this:


No mobile phone or computer at least half an hour before bed
Checking out our social media is often the last thing we do before we go to sleep. But the constant scrolling awakens and irritates us – we usually think about the things we saw online long after we turn the lights off. Try to unwind with a book or by listening to calming music instead.


Good mattress
If you didn’t really do a research on which mattress is the best for you, chances are this is ruining your sleep. If your mattress is old or of low quality, do invest in a new one. However, if you are short of money, at least get yourself a quality mattress topper.



Don’t nap
You know the feeling when you wake up after a nap too long and you don’t know where you are and what day it is? Well, try not to take such naps. This will ruin your sleep cycle. If you are tired, close your eyes and breathe for a few minutes instead or treat yourself with a relaxing bath.


Calm your mind
Don’t think about your annoying boss, the things you have to do, ex-boyfriend or the argument you should have won 3 weeks ago. Relax, be thankful for your day and focus on your breathing rather than thinking.



Stay outside during the day
Fresh air and outdoor activities will make you more tired and you will fall asleep faster.


Dark room
Maybe your curtains are too thin and the light from outside gets in the room? Perhaps the light from the room next to you is leaking in? This could be the reason you don’t sleep so well. Your sleep will be stronger if the room you sleep in is completely dark and peaceful.


Don’t eat right before bed
Full stomach will only make you toss and turn in bed. Eat at least two hours before going to sleep – but do have a nice dinner, don’t go to bed hungry because that will ruin your sleep too.