6 Tips for Tanning If You Are Pale

Pale Skin

Pale skin can be just as beautiful as dark, tanned skin. But if you want to go darker with a pale skin, this could be a challenge. Pale skin is much more sensitive, plus it requires much more sun exposure to get darker. How to tan if you are pale?

#1: Always Use Sun Protection

This one is simple. Use high-quality sun protection whenever exposed to the sun for longer periods of time. And don’t forget to re-apply your sun cream regularly when tanning.

#2: Go Slow

With a pale skin you just can’t lie under the hot summer sun for hours as this is a sure way to get sunburns. Start slow. Expose your body to the sun for a few minutes than gradually increase time spent under the sun.

#3: Nurture Your Skin

This doesn’t mean just using proper sun protection. You also need to prepare your skin for the sun – and nurture if after being exposed to the sun. The latter is a breeze with BYROKKO’s After Sun cream and Aloe Vera cooling gel.

#4: Rest

Getting a tan doesn’t require a constant presence of sunlight. Tanning continues for a few hours after your skin has been exposed to the sun. Resting will also give it the opportunity to regain moisture and nutrients it needs to remain healthy.

#5: Use Gentler Sun

Sun is usually the strongest between 11 am and 4 pm. But you shouldn’t expose your pale skin to the sun when it’s strongest. Work on your tan in the mornings and late afternoons when the sun is gentler.

#6: Get Some Tan before You Start Tanning

Huh? No mistake. With a pale skin, overexposure to the sun is frequent. So why don’t you get some tan before you actually start tanning? With BYROKKO’s tan-boosting products and fake tan products you can get a head start in your battle against the sun. Try them.