7 Genius TikTok Beauty Hacks


You’re going to love them!


TikTok is our best friend now, right? We admit we are spending way too much time on the hottest youngsters’ app of the moment. While some content is quite bizarre or even harmful, we can also learn a lot from TikTok users, especially in the beauty department. Here are some beauty hacks that went viral and are actually worth trying at home.



Always struggling with winged eyeliner? Worry not, TikTokers have the perfect solution for you. Coat the V-shaped opening of the bobby pin with a liquid liner and press it next to your eye, on the place where you’d like to have the wing of the eyeliner. Then, just fill out the rest.



Full lips are still trending – and make-up enthusiasts keep inventing more and more ways to make them look bigger without the fillers. One of the most popular on TikTok is applying fake tan on the outline of the lips (in the same manner as you would apply a lip liner) so they appear fuller and more defined when the tan comes out. All you need is a self-tanner (for example BYROKKO Tan Mousse) and a thin lip brush. Spray a bit of the tan mousse into the cap and dip the tip of the brush into it. Then carefully follow your lip line with a brush and wait for the tan to appear for the final result.


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This one works best if your hair is a little damp. You need two clean socks – or one if it is the long one. Secure the first sock on the top of your hair on one side (with a hair clip); split your hair and wrap it around the sock – in the similar way as if you were doing a braid. Unsecure the sock and repeat the same on the other side. When you are finished, you can tie the ends of the socks together on the top of your head. You will achieve the best result if your sleep with the socks overnight.



Ran out of your brow gel? No problem. Simply take a clean spoolie (or an old mascara wand you’re not using anymore – neatly cleaned, of course) and coat it in solid soap you normally use for cleaning your hands. This trick will shape your brows and keep the hairs in place for a long period of time.


Image via: https://centennialbeauty.com/how-to-do-tiktoks-heat-free-sock-curls-correctly/

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Some TikTokers are certain that covering your face with a thick (often petrolatum-based) moisturizer or Vaseline and leaving it on overnight will help you achieve glowing and hydrated skin. However, although slugging might actually be good for you, don’t repeat it too often – it is meant to be an occasional treatment for dry skin, dermatologists say. Also, don’t do it if your skin is acne-prone since it could cause breakouts.



Apparently we’ve been doing our mascara wrong all the time! According to TikTok, the real trick is to first turn your wand vertically, not horizontally as you usually do, and cover the lashes in mascara. After this is done, you continue applying mascara the “normal” way. The result is the lashes that look almost like lash extensions!



If you ran out of your BB cream, you can do as one of the TikTokers did in her viral video – she mixed foundation, primer, SPF, moisturizer and highlighter or serum. The blend she got apparently gives you the same effect as BB cream. Or you can simply order the new one here: https://www.byrokko.com/en/products/bb-cream ☺


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