7 Simple Beauty Tricks You Should Know


You don’t need a lot to stay healthy and beautiful!


There are many ways to look good, but it all starts with self-care. Of course it’s nice to have gorgeous make-up, glowing bronze skin, fashionable clothes and hairstyle in the latest fashion. However, to make the best of it all, we suggest you incorporate in your routine the small tricks that will help you feel beautiful and healthy all the time, even when just relaxing at home. 


  • Drink enough water

The simplest one, but also the one we tend to forget. By drinking enough water you hydrate and tighten your skin, reduce pimples and the risk of wrinkles and maintain a healthy glow. It will also flush out the harmful toxins in your body. Buy a pretty water bottle and carry it around at all times!


  • Take care of your posture

When you are busy at work, you probably don’t even notice if you sit at you desk all crooked. But after some time bad posture can take a serious toll on your health. Remember to check your posture regularly while sitting and make sure you lean slightly back, at an angle of about 135 degrees – experts say this is the best angle for sitting. Be careful when you walk as well: hold your head high and shoulders back and activate your stomach muscles.


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  • Exfoliate your skin

It doesn’t matter how carefully you moisturize your skin with your favorite skin products: if you don’t get rid of dead skin cells, your skin tone will look dull and body cleansers and moisturizers won’t be as effective as you want them to be. We suggest using body scrub 2-3 times a week or daily brushing your body before showering.


image via: https://post.healthline.com


  • Don’t pick your face

We know the awful feeling: you have a good skin day, but all of a sudden a wild pimple on your nose or somewhere even more inappropriate appears. Sometimes you think you’re going to better the situation if you pop it, but afterwards your skin gets all messy … and you simply cannot stop picking it. Skin picking sometimes becomes stress or anxiety relief. However, don’t do it! Picking your face can produce scars that will be even harder to get rid of than pimples. It can even cause infections.


  • Meditate

Start your day with meditation that will help you reduce stress and improve your well-being. You can meditate by yourself or with a little help of any of the meditation apps – there are several to choose from. Some studies even suggest that meditation increases your attention span. By incorporating daily meditation into your routine you will surely get more productive throughout the day.


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  • Scalp massage

Whether you do it by yourself or ask somebody else to do it, this one is a huge stress reliever. It is relaxing, helps with headaches and relaxes your muscles. On top of that, it can lead to thicker hair if you do it regularly. You can massage dry scalp or nourish your hair with a conditioner or a mask, for example BYROKKO Coconut Bomb, and do a scalp massage with the mask still on so your hair will absorb the ingredients quicker.



  • Cold shower 

Water therapy has been around for centuries and cold showers are still known for improving our general well being. They increase endorphins, help improve metabolism and circulation and even fight off common illnesses. However, be careful – don’t just step into the cold shower. Shower with warm water and then slowly lower the temperature until the water is cold enough that you feel uncomfortable. Then stay underneath the water for a few minutes. Breathing deeply will help you fight the discomfort.