After Sun


  • Extreme hydration, skin regeneration and nourishment
  • Natural, vegan and paraben-free
  • Luscious pineapple scent





Tan preserving cream After Sun brings you a long-lasting tan and perfectly nourished skin

If you prefer nicely tanned skin, you surely know how much time and effort is needed to achieve the shade you want. And when you finally do achieve it, you would of course like to preserve it as long as possible. If you need some help with that, we’re more than glad to offer it because our tan preserving cream After Sun is exactly what you’re looking for. It helps you prolong your captivating bronze tan and at the same time carefully nourishes your skin. Your skin will be nourished, hydrated and incredibly sweet-scented. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t! Check this out …

Tan preserving cream takes care of prolonging your tan

Our tan preserving formula After Sun was created with the aim of making your tan last long after sunbathing. This way, you will feel attractive and gorgeous in your own skin for an extended time. With proper care, your tan will surely last longer. At the same time, you will take care of your skin and provide it with a perfectly smooth texture.

A winning product for our customers

The After Sun cream is among our most popular products. It is no wonder since we know how effective it is and are aware of the amazing results it brings. The buyers who also use our Shine Brown cream that helps them achieve a natural dark, long-lasting tan especially love it. They told us the results are even better when they combine both products. The tan lasts even longer, it is darker and more intense.

The perfect hydration and regeneration of the skin

Tan preserving cream After Sun was created with the aim of bringing you the perfect hydration and care after sunbathing. It will deeply regenerate your skin and nourish it thoroughly. Your skin will look incomparably better, and what is more – you will also feel better in it!

The quality care will also make sure your tan looks good. We all know brown color does not look the best on dry and flaky skin since it usually enhances those skin irregularities. But worry not, this tan preserving cream will enable a really intense hydration. This way, your skin will always look desirable and sensually tanned. Just one gentle application is enough to feel how your skin absorbs moisture and nutrients.

An exotic tropical scent takes you far away from home

Palm trees, seductive music, and a delicious piña colada in your hand. Who wouldn’t like to be there instead? The wonderful pineapple scent of the After Sun cream will take you to a tropical paradise with each use. You will forget that you are at home and that it rains outside, even for just a brief moment. You will simply close your eyes and enjoy being in your very own little paradise.

The exotic pineapple smell is also responsible for a sensual scent you will leave behind wherever you go. During the summer heat, the use of perfume is often not recommended because it can cause unpleasant reactions on the skin. But our tan preserving cream will act as a fragrance for your skin – it will give it a delicious, fresh scent. The scent is so light and pleasant it is more than suitable for the hot summer days too!

The best natural and skin-friendly ingredients

At BYROKKO, we believe in the power of natural ingredients and that’s why we always include them into our products. For our formulas we always use exclusively the highest quality ingredients that are skin-friendly. They are so good we could eat them – but we still don’t recommend this to you.

Our tan preserving cream contains these ingredients:

  • Mango butter
  • Mango butter nourishes your skin and gives it everything it needs. At the same time it prevents peeling of the skin and therefore prolongs your tan.

  • Menthol
  • Menthol gives you the ultimate cooling sensation and refreshes your skin. This especially comes in handy during hot summer days when anything you put onto your skin seems too hot. No worries, after applying After Sun cream you can expect only a huge dose of freshness.

  • Beeswax
  • Beeswax is one of the most sought-after ingredients and it is very effective when it comes to soothing irritated skin. If you were exposed to the sun for too long, this is the perfect choice for you. Beeswax also makes sure that your skin is incredibly soft to the touch after application.

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin E is known for its beneficial effects on the skin, which is why it’s a part of many nourishing creams, different types of body milk and similar products.

  • Cacao butter
  • Cacao butter will make your skin radiant so you will turn heads wherever you go. At the same time it will thoroughly nourish your skin and make it even more gorgeous.

The perfect choice for everyone who cares for the world around us

At BYROKKO, we love animals and our planet and we create products that follow the same mission. All our products are cruelty-free and we never test on animals.

We believe in nature and its incredible powers – that’s why all of our products are derived from nature.

We guarantee you that our products contain no harmful chemicals, only the best, carefully selected ingredients. Our After Sun formula does not contain any parabens and is vegan as well. We are devoted to doing everything to justify your trust in our brand. That is why you can expect only the highest quality from our products and from us.

Gentle care for the skin that has been exposed to the sun for too long

It would be best if this did not happen. To prevent it, don’t forget to use a quality sunscreen with a high protection factor next time. You have only one skin and it is very important to always protect it and treat it carefully. Sunburn is not only unpleasant but can also be dangerous. This is why we advise you to do everything to protect your skin from the sunlight in the future.

But right now it is of course too late for that. The skin is reddened and burnt so we have to do the best we can. Tan preserving cream After Sun will turn your reddish skin tone into a beautiful brown one. It will give your skin everything it needs, hydrate it and nourish it properly. So, if you spot some redness on your skin after sunbathing, do not be upset – just put on a layer of After Sun formula and very soon you will be able to admire a slightly more attractive skin color.

In addition to that, menthol, which is among the ingredients, will make sure your heated skin cools down. Just one step is needed not only to achieve intensive care and hydration of the skin, but also a nice cooling effect and a very sensual scent!

The best refreshment for hot summer days

Tan preserving cream will not only guarantee you a beautiful tan but also an amazing feeling on the skin. Thanks to menthol it contains, your skin will be cooled down and will get the refreshment it craves during hot summer days and nights. A wonderful cooling effect your skin will experience will make you feel even better in it!

Moreover, you can simply store the cream in your refrigerator. It will be even cooler when you apply it and its pleasant cool down effect will give you the chills! The chilling feeling will last and last so you will be able to feel refreshed for quite a long time. After the cooling effect wears off, there are of course some other beneficial effects of the cream. For example, your skin will appear shiny, soft and incredibly smooth.

The perfect help on the way to even better self-tan

If you use self-tanning products, you are surely aware of all their advantages as well as disadvantages. It is true that all those products help you achieve a nicely tanned and attractive look of your skin, but on the other hand they can enhance certain skin irregularities. One of them is dry, flaky skin. If you apply self-tanning products on a very dry skin, there is a high chance you will not like the results.
Tan preserving cream is therefore an excellent choice for prepping your skin for self-tan. After intense hydration and care you can simply apply our Tan Mousse and get yourself a truly perfect tan. And all this without being exposed to the sun!

The perfect moisturizing care for rainy days

Tan preserving cream is so delightful to use and has so many incredible benefits that many people use it independently. Namely, it can also be used as an independent skin moisturizer. It has a rich texture and creates a comfortable feeling on the skin so it can be your first choice any day and any time.

So, use it without any doubt even if you weren’t exposed to the sun. Anytime you wish to pamper your skin with some deep care treatment, the After Sun cream is an excellent choice. After all, it is undoubtedly an effective product for everyday hydration of the skin, which loves its delicious, seductive scent as well.

So good you must not keep it only for yourself

After Sun cream is a wonderful addition to your everyday beauty routine and care. It is so good it would be a shame not to share it with others, don’t you think? Thanks to the lovely packaging and heavenly smell it is a perfect choice for a gift too! Why wouldn’t you make your loved ones happy with a top quality product and let them experience a perfectly nourished skin?