After Sun

after sun

Keep Your Skin Healthy and Happy, Part II

We have already said a lot about our amazing Aloe Vera Cooling Gel. But our cooling gel is not the only product in our offer that can help you keep your skin healthy and happy after sun exposure. Meet Aloe Vera Cooling Gel’s partner: BYROKKO After Sun.

After Sun Care Cream

After Sun is a nurturing cream, which hydrates the skin to help restore its natural moisture balance after prolonged exposure to the sun. In addition to this, it also helps skin to regenerate, which is crucial for preserving long-term skin health and beauty. Have we already mentioned that it also smells great? Its luscious pineapple scent will make you feel sexy and alive. And quite possibly also make others a bit jealous…

Amazing Ingredients for Amazing Effects

We work with natural, vegan and paraben-free ingredients. Mango butter nurtures the skin and helps prevent peeling. Beeswax soothes the skin and gives users that pleasant feeling of skin smoothness. Vitamin E is an amazing nutrient that nurtures the skin. Cacao butter replenishes skin and promotes a healthy, radiant look. And menthol brings an instant cooling sensation that refreshes the whole body.

Keep Your Sexy Tan

BYROKKO’s After Sun doesn’t only nurture and hydrate the skin. It also preserves your tan, making you feel sexy and beautiful long after you leave your favorite beach behind. If you want to keep your sexy tan deep into autumn, After Sun might help. Along with other BYROKKO products and a healthy sunbathing routine, of course.

Tips & Tricks

Want to get the best out of using your new best friend,  cream? Apply it after every prolonged exposure to the sun and store it in the refrigerator for an enhanced cooling effect.