Best Summer Hairstyles for Women

How to style your hair with minimal effort during the summer


A good hairstyle is the crown jewel of an outfit. Unfortunately, it is often impossible to stick to your regular hairstyles during the summer: hot, sunny, humid days are no good for the hair, especially if you’re spending them somewhere on a beach and you simply cannot avoid getting your hair all sandy and salty … ugh, right? But worry not! Here are some ideas for summer hairstyles for women that can withstand heat, humidity and looong days at the beach.


Pixie Cut

If you’re brave enough, just chop it off! Pixie cut never goes out of style: at the beginning it used to be ultra-chopped, but the modern pixie hairstyle can be whatever you want it to be: asymetric, with bangs, shaved on the side … it is only important that it brings out your features and fun character. With this hairstyle, you will have literally nothing to worry about: just wash and damp your hair and you’re ready to go.



For this look, rub a little styling cream into your hair and loosely braid it before going to bed. In the morning, unravel the braid and comb through the newly created gentle waves with your fingers. If you like, you can tie the upper part of your hair up into a loose ponytail. This is the perfect beachy look that is going to last all day.


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With braids, there are endless possibilities! Braid a few strands around your scalp for instantly more relaxed look. You can also wear two face-framing braids in the front and the rest of your hair loose or style your hair into two long symmetrical braids for a Parisian-chic inspired look. One thick braid at the top of your head will look like a crown, and with a fishbone braid you will create a romantic summer look. We also suggest loosely braiding your hair to one side and tying it with a ribbon or tying your hair up in a high ponytail and then weaving it into a braid … or you can simply visit a hairdresser and get box braids done!


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We know what you’re thinking. Bangs are soo hard to maintain, right? It’s not true! In fact, it is just the opposite: doesn’t matter if you decide to go for curtain bangs or a fringe, bangs will help you get your hair in order faster. During the summer, just make sure your bangs are freshly washed or at least cleaned with dry shampoo and your hairstyle will look fresh no matter what you do with the rest of your hair. The bangs will especially stand out if you wear the rest of your hair in a ponytail.



A messy bun is your best friend after a night out when you really don’t have the energy to deal with your hair. Messy top bun is our favorite – or you can opt for the half top bun, the so-called »hipster bun« which will give you artsy vibes. For a fun and playful look, put your hair in two low messy buns.


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Crazy Colors

Quarantine and closed hair salons got us experimenting with our hair at home. Many women bought drugstore hair dye and dyed their hair pastel pink, violet or some other unusual color. Luckily, we can visit the hairdresser again, but this trend is here to stay – and it is perfect for summer! Pastel pink is still the most popular choice, but you can also try other wild colors such as baby blue, emerald or orange.


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Choose your favorite eye-catching headband and hide everything that might be wrong with your hair, from grown-out roots to gray hair. Moreover, it instantly makes you look put-together. The choice is huge: you can opt for hippie floral headbands, big shiny faux leather ones, those with small diamonds or pearls, headbands with ribbon on top (hello, Catherine Deneuve), classic black ones for the schoolgirl look … the choice is yours.


PRO TIP: Before you start styling your hair, wash it, damp it and leave the ByRokko Coconut Bomb Hair Mask on for ten minutes. This remarkable product will soon become one of your best friends: it treats split ends which can be an especially stubborn problem during the summer due to the fact that excessive heat makes your hair dry and frizzy. Moreover, Coconut Bomb restores, strengthens and nourishes your hair while making it incredibly light and smooth.


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