Create your very own beauty corner


Organize, decorate, clean, enjoy!


Have some spare space in your room? Turn it into a beauty corner! This way, you won’t be searching for your cosmetic products in the bedroom, bathroom or maybe even kitchen all the time. First you need a small table, the so-called dressing table or a bedroom vanity, and a comfy chair – then, follow our tips below:


  • Good lightning

If possible, place the table on the wall where you will be able to get enough natural light. If not, invest into a good desk lamp with adjustable head and neck.


  • Big mirror

Some bedroom vanities already come with a mirror, but if yours don’t, make sure you buy the one which is large enough that you will see at least the upper part of your body in it.


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  • Organizing tools

You will need a lot of boxes and small bags! Your can use your old perfume boxes, shoe boxes or something else you have at home and is suitable for storing beauty products. Another option is buying transparent organizer boxes in your nearest furniture store. Transparent boxes are even better choice because you will know exactly what’s inside – one box for lipsticks, another for self-tanning products etc. If your table has drawers, make use of them. For example, if you bought more than one foundation, BB cream or hair mask and you don’t need all of them yet, you can store unused products in the drawers until you run out of the first package.


  • Scented candle

Your beauty space should be the ultimate feel-good place: after all, you love your beauty routines more than anything, don’t you? A nice scented candle will instantly make your little corner more elegant and cozy at the same time. Since the fall is almost here, choose vanilla, pumpkin spice or cinnamon scent.


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  • Flowers 

Keep a nice vase on your table and spoil yourself with a bouquet of fresh flowers from time to time. It is even more pleasant to do your hair or try out new eye shadows if you are surrounded with blossom.


  • Clean it regularly 

You don’t want your beloved products to be covered in dust, right?


  • Throw out the old stuff

This one is very important! Life span of most of the opened beauty products (eyeliner, concealer, BB cream, foundation, make up brushes) is one year; the same applies (in most cases) to skincare creams and serums. You should also buy a new SPF cream, tanning lotion or self-tanner every season. Change your mascara after 4-6 months and lipstick after eight, meanwhile some eye shadows can last up to two years. Most products have the number of months it takes them to expire written somewhere on the package, so always read it carefully.


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