Fall self-care routine


7 acts that will make your life so much better


Get up early
If your days are busy, it is hard to take moments for yourself. But the time that can be completely dedicated to your well-being is early morning – all you have to do is get up at least half an hour earlier than usual. If you do this, you get to drink morning coffee in peace, do your skincare routine and yoga or stretching, eat breakfast and prepare for a dynamic day.


Eat healthy 

You don’t have to be a marvelous cook; the Internet is full of tips and tricks that will teach you how to make a tasty and nutritious meal in no time. If you eat better, you feel better (simple logic)! Another place to find easy and fast recipes is undoubtedly TikTok, where you can learn how to make healthy carrot fries, baked oats or a salmon wrap in just a few minutes.



Take walks
Fall is our favorite time for taking walks: the air is so fresh and crisp and we love walking on fallen leaves. Just a 30-minute walk in the morning, after work or in the evening is enough to make you feel better.


Read a good book
On a cold or even rainy fall evening, there is no greater joy than to curl up under a blanket and dive into a good book. One of our favorite writers, a millennial sensation Sally Rooney, has jut published a new novel Beautiful World, Where Are You about love, sex, friendship and fame. If you don’t like books, maybe flipping through fashion magazines just before going to bed sounds better?



Go for coffee alone
Or tea, if that’s your thing. Find a cute and cozy spot, sit in silence, think calmly about life and things that occupy you, observe people … if you write a journal, café is also a good place to do it.


Clean your room or home
If there is no time for general cleaning, at least clear clutter: remove the pile of clothes and shoes, throw out old magazines, clean your desk and night shelf. If you are into decorating, buy some pretty fall décor for your home like pumpkins, fall-scented candles etc.


Feeling like crap? Kick yourself in the butt and go to the gym or for a run. You’ll have significantly more energy for your daily activities.