Let’s go to the beach, beach, let’s go get away …

TOP 8 things for a perfect day at the beach


It is finally here: our favorite time of the year. We’ve been waiting all year long to finally unwind, enjoy the sun and get our tan. Preferably at the beach. To make your beach days really perfect, we serve you a list of things that should not be missing in your beach bag.


  • Beach towel 

It should be soft, water absorbent and large enough to allow you to lie down comfortably. If it is adorned with your favorite print, even better!


  • Bottle of water

Don’t forget: hydration is really important, especially when you are exposed to the sun.



  • ByRokko Shine Brown

Want to catch admiring glances of others? ByRokko Shine Brown tan-boosting cream is an absolute must-have! With its unique, natural ingredients it will enable you to stay in the sun for a shorter period of time while getting tanner than ever before. No surprise this tanning cream is admired and regularly used by people all around the world.


  • By Rokko Shine Brown Oil

The oil version of ByRokko Shine Brown tanning cream is non-greasy, fast absorbing and stain-free; its practical package will let you apply the tanning oil all over your body with minimal effort.



  • Beach read

If you happen to be chilling by the sea or pool in Italy, we suggest the dreamy, romantic novel Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman or Elena Ferrante’s mesmerizing story The Lying Life of the Adults. Actually, it is not really important where you are; you will get hooked on them.


  • ByRokko Aloe Vera

We salute smart tanning, so don’t expose yourself to the sun for too long. But if by any chance your skin gets irritated and red, ByRokko Aloe Vera after-tanning cooling gel will help you soothe it. It will also make your skin soft, smooth and relaxed. 



  • Swimsuit

You can’t go wrong with simple, timeless pieces in black or nude colors, but if you are more into eye-catching pieces, try ruffle tops and bottoms, swimsuits in pastel colors or those with bold tie details.


  • Hat

All you need to look chic and make sure your face does not get sunburnt.