“No Make-Up” Make-Up Look

8 steps that will help you create a gorgeous natural look


You can’t help but feel flattered when your friends or boyfriend says: you look so good without your make-up on! However, you secretly know they are not referring to your actual bare face but the “natural” look that tricks them into thinking you are not wearing any make-up at all – although you do. Here are the steps to achieving it:


  • Use self-tanner

This should already be a part of your daily routine before you decide to create the “no make-up” look. If you gradually darken and even your skin-tone day by day, there will be less need for heavy make-up. You won’t even need foundation anymore! Try BYROKKO Tanning Mist, gradual self-tanning water in a spray. It will effortlessly create a natural-looking facial tan that blends evenly with every skin tone.


  • Moisturize face

Clean or exfoliate it, apply a hydrating toner and finish with a good moisturizing cream.



  • Add BB cream

If you’re happy with the skin tone you achieved by carefully applying spray tan on your face every day, you don’t need to add BB cream. However, if you still think you need some coverage, mix a bit of premium BYROKKO BB Cream with ultra-light texture with your moisturizing cream for the best results.


  • Don’t forget concealer!

Cover blemishes and red spots and brighten your dark circles if they are especially visible. After you’re done, use your concealer as the “no-makeup look” version of a highlighter.



  • Natural-looking cheek glow

Choose a blush color that is similar to your natural flush; you want to suggest that you just came from the gym or were out in the sun the whole day, not reveal you are actually using make-up. Beauty trick: use your tinted lip balm instead of a real blush since matching your lip color and color of your cheeks will give you a very natural-looking glow. Alternatively, you can go for nude or peach-toned lipstick or lip-gloss.


  • Brows, brows, brows

Don’t overdo your brows – brows that are too defined and unnatural will spoil your “no make-up” look. Just gently fill out the gaps in your brows with brow pencil or crayon and then fix them with a bit of brow gel.



  • Use mascara only

No eyeliners or eye shadows – just a few swipes with mascara that will emphasize and lengthen the lashes.


  • Tinted lip balm

Forget heavy lipsticks and matte lip-glosses; the only thing you need on your lips if you want to rock the “no make-up” make-up look is good tinted lip balm or lip oil. This will give them nice natural shine. That’s it! You’re ready to go!