Shine Brown Oil

Shine brown oil

New, Improved Shine Brown Oil

Thousands have tried our Shine Brown Oil. Most of them were thrilled and amazed with the results. But this didn’t make us stop improving. We are constantly working to offer our customers new and enhanced products, and Shine Brown Oil is no exception.

Shine Brown Oil in 2020

Users of Shine Brown Oil have confirmed many times over that it has helped them get an amazing tan. And now, with our improved formula for 2020 and beyond, Shine Brown Oil is better than ever before.

Perfect for a Rich, Dark Tan

Our improved Shine Brown Oil offers extreme tanning results and helps to a rich, dark tan. But this is only what is seen on the outside. On the inside, it also offers amazing skin hydration and replenishment. How is this possible? Through fantastic natural ingredients!

What’s Inside?

The combination of 100% natural oils is what makes our new Shine Brown Oil a real treat for your skin. Coconut oil nourishes the skin, hazelnut oil protects it, and walnut oil provides a rich, golden glow for an amazing look.  No parabens, no grease, just a heavenly fresh orange scent. And it’s appropriate for all skin types.

How to Use It to Get That Sexy Dark Tan?

Make no mistake – our oil doesn’t create fake tan. It simply boosts the natural tanning process while nurturing your skin. Just apply it before every tanning session. Drink a lot of water, eat a lot of fruit during tanning. Then enjoy the looks of envy as you parade your sexy tan across the beach (or a street).

Premium Skin Care

For best results, we recommend using Shine Brown Oil in combination with our Aloe Vera or After Sun. This will additionally nurture your skin and make your amazing tan last even longer.