Shine Brown

Shine Brown

Summer is still far away. But did you know that you can start working on your sexy summer tan already today? You just need something to boost the sun’s diminished winter power – or UV lights of your tanning bed…

Meet Shine Brown

Shine Brown is BYROKKO’s bestseller. Our pride and biggest passion. A revolutionary tan-boosting cream that has changed the lives of thousands of our customers. It could also change yours. How exactly, you wonder?

Sexier Tan with Less Exposure to the Sun

Is this even possible? Sure it is. Our Shine Brown is a premium cream that boosts the natural tanning process to achieve a natural, dark and long-lasting tan. In can be used in combination with exposure to natural sunlight or using tanning beds. Whenever you want amazing, quick results.

How to Use

It’s simple. Just apply the cream before every tanning session, outdoors or indoors. You can further boost a healthy natural tanning process by drinking a lot of fluids during and nurturing your skin after it. This is why our Shine Brown tan-boosting cream works great in combination with nurturing ByRokko Aloe Vera and After Sun cream.

Additional Benefits

A great, natural-looking tan with less exposure to the sun is a great achievement on its own. But Shine Brown doesn’t offer just that. It comes without chemicals nasties that might seriously hurt your skin.  Instead, it offers premium ingredients that nurture and hydrate your skin. It also absorbs fast and thus guarantees a stain-free application. All this with a heavenly scent that turns heads and raises envy.

Check What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say

It might be difficult for you to believe all this immediately, so we suggest that you check comments of Shine Brown users on our website. Satisfied customers are our biggest asset. And we hope that you join them soon.