Spa evening at home

6 steps to creating a perfect spa experience in the comfort of your home


Those foggy gray fall days left us lazier than ever – we wouldn’t mind spending all our days relaxing and being pampered (anyone said spa?). Unfortunately, spa visits can get pricy, so we prepared some simple yet effective steps for creating the same atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.


Relaxing music
The right choice of music is the first step to setting the mood. You probably remember the music from your last massage salon or spa visit – they always choose extremely relaxing tunes. Online, you can find many playlists that are designed especially for spa treatments, sauna visits and massages – from sounds of nature to calming piano tracks. Choose your favorite and relax.


Calming smells
You might want to use some lavender essential oil – this smell is extremely powerful and it can lift your mood and relax you in a second. Put a few drops in your bath. You can opt for rose essential oil instead – it also decreases anxiety and stress and eases pain. You might want to light lavender or rose candle too.



Make it look good
If you’ve ever been to a date in a spa, the bath or hot tub was probably adorned with rose petals to create an especially romantic mood. Why not doing the same thing at home, just for you? You can also throw in a colored bath bomb so the water will turn pink or whichever color you like.


Get a bath tray
While you are relaxing in your bath, a glass of wine would probably come in handy. Maybe throw in some snacks? Or maybe you’d like to read or watch something on your phone while bathing? For all of these, you will need a good bath tray or caddy. Some of them even have holders especially designed for glasses or phone.



Warm towels
Have you noticed that towels in spas are always warm? And they feel so soft and good! To achieve the same effect at home, throw some towels into your dryer for a few minutes and let them warm. After about five minutes, pull them out and they’re ready.


Invest in an infrared sleeping bag or blanket
This one is a bonus, but if you are a sauna fan and do not have the option of installing sauna at home, you can perfect your at-home spa experience with buying an infrared sleeping bag or blanket. The heat will help you sweat out all the toxins during the night.


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