Summer Tan

summer tan


Can I Get That Perfect Summer Tan Quicker?

Sure you can. Without excessive exposure to the sun or sunbeds. Using only natural ingredients that nourish your skin. This is the magic of our bestseller, the Shine Brown Premium Tan-Boosting Cream.

How and Why?

Our mission has been from the very start to offer high-quality cosmetic products that nurture the skin and make people feel beautiful and self-confident. Our original Shine Brown tanning cream is the realization of our mission. It uses natural ingredients that support the tanning process, giving you a natural, dark and long-lasting tan faster than you would expect.

Natural Ingredients

Nurturing the skin is our prime concern. That’s why we only use natural ingredients that don’t hurt the skin: 100% natural carrot oil, extra-virgin olive oil, walnut oil and cacao butter. Carrot oil strengthens the skin and prepares it for sunrays. Virgin oil boosts the natural tan, while walnut oil gives it a sexy golden glow. Cacao butter replenishes the skin and makes it radiant.


Shine Brown doesn’t give you fake tan – it only boosts the natural tanning process, reducing the need for sunbathing. It can be used outdoors or in sunbeds with great results: a gorgeous natural tan that will make you look and feel beautiful. Thousands across the world have already tried it with amazing results. And it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Just a heavenly scent that goes perfectly with the joys of summer.

Premium Skincare

Looking great is important, sure. But so is taking care of your skin. Shine Brown tanning cream nurtures and hydrates the skin, plus it enables you to get tanned with less exposure to sun to help you stay happy and healthy.

How to Use

Best things in life are simple. Just apply the cream before every tanning session. Then enjoy the hot summer sun – and the envious glances you’ll soon be getting from others at the beach.