Sunkissed Box

SunKissed Box

The Perfect Gift

Looking for a great summer gift for a friend? Or for yourself? Something to pamper yourself a bit? Look no further. BYROKKO’s Sunkissed Box is the perfect gift that will give you the gift of a sexy, natural tan and keep your skin healthy at the same time.

Smart Tanning Bundle

One box, four products for a perfect summer tan. Our amazing Sunkissed Box starts off with 2 original Shine Brown premium tan-boosting creams. Our bestseller never disappoints, it smells great and doesn’t contain any chemical baddies that would hurt your skin or your health.

The box also offers one fabulous Aloe Vera after-tanning cooling gel and one amazing After Sun care cream to nurture and hydrate your skin after being exposed to the hot summer sun. Neat, huh?

How to Use

First, apply the Shine Brown tanning cream to all exposed areas of the body. Second, enjoy under the warm summer sun and let our tanning cream help you get that natural, sexy-looking summer tan. Third, nurture your skin after tanning with our hydrating Aloe Vera cooling gel or our rejuvenating After Sun care cream. Or both if you just can’t decide…

And do us a favor, will you? Even though your tan and your skin hydration will be taken care of by our products, don’t forget to protect your skin with the sunscreen of your choice while tanning.

What Can You Expect?

Our Shine Brown tanning cream users have confirmed that the cream works and helps get a nice, natural-looking tan. But any long exposure to the sun can be harmful. So, use the Aloe Vera cooling gel and the After Sun care cream to nurture and hydrate your skin after every tanning session. This way you’ll get to boast with your great tan and keep your skin healthy and satisfied. And this sure sounds like a great summer to us, wouldn’t you agree?