Tan Mousse

Tan Mousse


Perfect Tan All Year Long

Did you know that you don’t actually need sun for a perfect tan? And once you realize this, you can also realize that you can walk around with a sexy tan all year long. What’s the secret? BYROKKO Tan Mousse. Find out more below.

Tan Mousse

Tan Mousse is a special self-tan formula. And we say special not only because it is special to us, but because it really is something different from most self-tanning products.

First of all, it contains only premium, vegan-friendly ingredients. Without parabens, sulfates and similar hurtful chemicals. But with 100% DHA tan actives combined with melanin-activating intensifiers that stimulate your skin cells and help develop a beautiful tan.

Second, BYROKKO Tan Mousse offers quick results within a few hours. The tan lasts for up to 10 days and slowly fades away as your natural tan would. Neat, huh?

We should also mention that our tanning mousse dries quickly, offers a non-sticky formula and feels very lightweight on your skin. And it smells great, too.

How About That Nasty Orange Color?

Some self-tanning products have a bad reputation for creating fake orange tan. Our mission here at BYROKKO is to offer only the best for our customers. So forget about orange and shine in a beautiful bronze tan that looks and feels amazingly natural. Check the reports of our users.

Choose Your Shade of Tan

Yep, you can also do this with our Tan Mousse. Shower about an hour after application for a gentle, light tone. Leave it on for 2-3 hours for a medium tan. Or leave it on for 8 hours for a dark tan. Want to go ultra-dark? No problem. Re-apply the mousse 15 minutes after the first application and then leave it on for 8 hours. The choice is yours.

We Have a Present for You

Our premium self-tanning mousse comes with a tanning mitt to keep your palms clean and allow even application. We treat our customers the best we can. Enjoy.