Tanning Mist


Effortless Sexy Tan with BYROKKO’s Tanning Mist

How great would it be to walk around with a perfect sexy tan throughout the year, huh? Well, now you can. Even if you don’t plan on going to hot exotic places. Even if you don’t like solariums. And even if you don’t spend a whole lot of time outdoors.

All you need for an effortless sexy tan throughout the year is BYROKKO’s Tanning Mist.

What’s BYROKKO’s Tanning Mist?

It is a gradual self-tanning spray, based on water. It is used on the facial and upper-body area. You spray. You wait for a few hours for a natural-looking, healthy tan to develop. Repeat the process if you want an even darker tan. Respray every few days to maintain your amazing tan through the whole year. Enjoy as you get envious looks as you show your sexy, natural-looking tan around.

This is the magic of our new, no doubt star product, Tanning Mist. Only that it is not magic, but science and devotion to offer our customers the very best we can.

How Does It Work?

Tanning Mist is based on water. This means no clogged pores, streaking or dry skin. The tanning is achieved with active tanning ingredients. Aloes vera, glycerin and vitamins are added to nurture and hydrate the skin in the process. And the end result is a natural-and-healthy looking tan that doesn’t hurt your skin or stain your clothes (sheets, walls…). The tan is achieved gradually over few hours and its intensity depends on the number of applications. Wait, what? You can regulate how dark a tan you want? Sure.

Choose Your Tan

Some people like to go lighter, others darker. Some need a lighter tan due to their skin complexion or hair color, others darker. You get to choose. One application of our Tanning Mist gives a light tan. Spray again after a few hours when the tan fully develops if you want to deepen it. Or spray again immediately (after it dries in 1-2 mins) if you don’t want to wait because you need extremely quick results. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the darkness of your tan.

And the best thing about choosing your own tan tone with Tanning Mist is that it blends evenly with every skin tone and is appropriate for all skin types.

The Secret

The secret of course lies in our high-quality ingredients and our special lightweight, non-sticky and fast-drying formula. Our customers have confirmed that they observed a great natural-looking tan within a few hours of application. And we are certainly not talking about fake orange tan here. We are talking about sexy, bronze, natural-looking tan.

How and Where to Use?

Most of the year we walk around fully clothed. And our new tanning superstar has been developed with that in mind. It targets facial and upper-body area. Spray it onto your face, neck, chest and confidently walk around with your new summer glow. Note that the effects can last up to a week and showering won’t splash your tan away.

The Future of Sun-Free Tanning…

… is here. Walk around with a beautiful summer tan throughout the year without exposing your skin to the sun (or sunbeds). We are eager to share our new pride with you. Try it. Today.