We are now PETA-approved!


Shine Brown BYROKKO is on the list of cruelty-free companies


If you are a devoted follower of our brand, you probably already know how much we love animals and nature. We are strictly against animal testing and we strive to give back to nature – that’s why our products are cruelty free, based on quality natural ingredients and almost all of them are 100% vegan. 


Recently, we received another confirmation that we are on the right track: our SHINE BROWN BYROKKO was officially approved by the PETA organization.


What does it mean?


PETA, the abbreviation for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is the most known non-profit world organization in the field of protecting animal rights. Among other things, PETA is taking care of the searchable database of the companies that don’t test on animals. In order to be on the list, companies and brands must commit never to conduct, commission, pay for, or allow tests on animals at any phase of development, for both ingredients and final products.


The PETA organization was founded 41 years ago, in 1980, and operates under the slogan “Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way”. Animals are capable of suffering just like humans are, so we have to protect their rights and stop animal abuse at all costs. Today, PETA fights against factory farming, fur farming, animal testing, the use of animals in entertainment, eating meat, fishing, the killing of animals regarded as pests, the keeping of chained backyard dogs, cock fighting, dog fighting, beekeeping, and bullfighting. It also promotes vegan lifestyle.



With our brand proudly wearing the PETA badge, you can be 100% sure no animal was harmed in the process of creating our cosmetic products. And that’s not all – we can also proudly claim that our products are: 

  • made in Europe
  • almost 100% vegan
  • containing naturally derived ingredients, mostly effective mixtures of the finest natural oils
  • skin-friendly
  • suitable for all skin types


Order your favorite cruelty-free BYROKKO product and celebrate with us!