Why Do I Get Dots on My Legs after Fake Tanning?

Fake Tanning

Why you get dots on your legs after applying fake tan is perhaps less important than how you can prevent it. Nonetheless, you can find the answers to both questions below…

Why Fake Tan Sometimes Causes Dots on the Skin?

It’s not just fake tan. Many cosmetic products can cause dots on the skin, since dots are a consequence of clogged pores. When you shave or take a hot shower, your skin pores open. Applying cosmetics soon after, fake tan or certain other products, can clog skin pores and cause the dots in question. This doesn’t happen to everyone and every time, but it often happens to many. What to do about it?

How to Prevent Fake Tan Dots

The best solution is not to apply fake tan while your pores are still wide often. Not after showering. Not after shaving. Not after a prolonged exposure to moist environments.

But every fake tan manual you have read recommends to shower, shave and exfoliate before applying fake tan! Sure. But you don’t have to do all this directly before applying fake tan. Shower, shave and exfoliate in the morning. Then let the body rest for a few hours to allow the pores to close and prevent fake tan from clogging them.

Yes, it is that simple.

Premium Fake Tanning Products

Another thing you can do to prevent any skin issues after applying fake tan, is to use products with premium, skin-friendly ingredients. We here at BYROKKO put great care into using ingredients that nurture the skin and help preserve its natural health. By using our premium self-tanning products such as BYROKKO Tanning Mist and BYROKKO Tan Mousse in combination with the advice given above, we are sure that dots won’t bother you very often anymore.